Supporting Recovery from addictions and having a positive impact on our communities

1st Step is a charity that offers many different types of recovery-orientated activities and community services across West Lothian and Falkirk.

On a weekly basis through all our activities, we engage with around 200 people!

Our Main Aims Are:

To provide safe, supportive environments for people affected by addictions/poor mental health.

To create opportunities for people to gain confidence, build diverse supportive relationships, develop skills, learn and build better relationships with the wider community (really important to preventing relapse)

Social connections, creating purpose, tackling boredom and stigma and importantly giving people hope, are the key ingredients needed to help people build recovery capital and recover sustainably. 

We do this through a community development approach and building on “What’s Strong Not Wrong” in individuals and communities. By creating and developing a range of positive opportunities for people affected by addiction or poor mental health we have enabled many people to reclaim their lives and the lives of their families and friends.

People in this situation often need considerable support and understanding and suitable volunteering opportunities can be difficult to find but essential to building recovery. Our team has a unique and diverse range of skills to provide the right support at the right time for individuals.

Activities and Services That We Offer:

  • Weekly recovery meeting in Linlithgow 
  • Weekly community café in Linlithgow 
  • A community garden in Linlithgow
  • 1st Step bike training and refurbishment based at the Linlithgow Recycling Centre and the Howgate Shopping Centre, Falkirk
  • Two community food pantries in Linlithgow and the Howgate Shopping Centre in Falkirk

What do people that take part in our activities tell Us?

“Lifeline to break the cycle of relapse”

“If it did it for me it could do it for someone else”

“Best therapy to keep you off the drugs”

I feel like part of a community and try not to miss the cafe if I can” 

“Feeling useful outside the house, especially after Covid is a big thing for me” 

“I often feel helpless to support my family member but I have learnt a great deal at 1st Step as a volunteer. Volunteering makes me happy

What do people Tell us are the benefits of being part of 1st Step?

“Safe space free from judgement, where you can be yourself”

“The chance to meet like minded people who understand and support recovery”

“The chance to make new friends in the wider community and feel less isolated”

The chance to build structure and every day routines”

“The chance to build confidence as you gain new skills and build relationships”

The chance to understand addiction better as a disease and be able to support my family member” 

“After taking early retirement and covid I felt very isolated. Volunteering at 1st Step has given me a purpose and I feel like part of a real community”

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